Red Cherry Cabinet – Base Cabinet

Base cabinets:

. Height is 34.5″.
. Width is available from 9″ to 36″, in increments of 3″.
. Depth is 24″.
. Blind corner cabinets are available in 36″ and 42″.
. Lazy Susan is available in 33″ and 36″.
. Sink base cabinets are available in 30″, 33″, and 36″.
. Corner sink, wine rack, Draw base, Trash can, End shelf cabinet are available.
. Pull out (spice) cabinet sizes: 9″, 12″.
.** Sturdy rail systems**.

Single/Double Oven Cabinets are available

** This color also available for bathroom vanity.
Crown moldings, skin panels, toe kicks, scribers for base and wall cabinets are available upon request.
(If you would like us to furnish a free estimate for you, please check out the free estimate one the Service section.)
** The cabinet cost depends on the drawn only**